The Reality of Mediumship

Mediumship has gained notoriety over the last few years and much of this is thanks to Tv shows and media hype, which often does not do the vocation of mediumship or spiritual mediums – any justice. The portrayal is often that of an entertainment show, however the reality of real mediumship is very different. It is a gift that offers great healing of grief, it gives an individual suffering from grief, the tools in which to move forward in life.

What does a Medium do?

A medium is able to communicate with loved ones on the other side of life (afterlife) in order to gain information and messages of love and the continuation of the soul after the death of the human vessel. The proof is very much in the hands of the person receiving the evidential messages and one can either accept them or refute them.

Mediumship is a very important and misunderstood facet of spiritual life and is considered a divine gift in which those with mediumship faculties can develop their abilities to such a high degree as to receive real evidential communications from spirit on the other side, known as the afterlife. These divine gifts are inherent in everyone, but some – just like a pianist or an artist, have the ability and sensitivity to utilize it more and to develop it to such a level that evidential messages often outweigh scientific scrutiny.

There are individuals who claim to be spiritual mediums, but do not achieve the standards required to give evidential communication and as such – even though they believe they are working from the heart – fail to understand the mechanics of mediumship and the level of communication that should be, and is expected.

Why should I choose to visit a medium?

Visiting a medium should not come out of a desire to have a nice day out or just out of interest because you think its cool, doing this will take away the much needed time that someone needs to heal from their grief. Think very carefully before you decide to reach out to a professional medium.

The necessity should come about by the need to heal from the grief of losing a loved one, which is often one of the most debilitating emotional things you can go through.


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