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These are Spiritual Quotes and thoughts I have given over the years and many people have asked to use them or where they came from. Some are used in my books and in lessons i teach, but what must be understood is they are perhaps through me, but not of me, they belong to the spirit and in particular my Spirit Friend and Companion who comes through. I am happy for anyone to use these quotes, Just please attribute them properly to this page and to my Spirit Friend.

Thunder Cloud


Truth is Truth
Thoughts on Truth

Truth is the truth. it is merely the perception of the truth that is manipulated by man, truth never changes and is felt in the soul and the heart.

Time Is Mine
Thoughts on Time

"Time is not mine, it is spirits time, but there is no time, why should i worry about time, i have it all and time is something i can give to those in need, my time is your time."

Do you Judge?

"Do you judge on what you perceive or what you know to be true, yet your perception is based in misjudgment of what is real and true. If spirit will not judge then who are you to judge. Contemplate on your own perceptions"

Jock Brocas

Our Journey

Our Journey is the same but the time in which we take means nothing as long as we touch hearts and minds and never try to reach the end.

You Are Just A Spirit Tool

The truth is this, no matter what the past is or what the illusion of our egos, as long as we do today, what we mean from our hearts and in service to spirit - then we carry upon our path with spirits song in our soul and the light of god upon us. It is not for others to label or people to judge but for spirit light to continualy shine, for there comes a time when our light will bring someone's soul back to the light. We move forward in love, compassion and grace, nothing more.

Today Is Beautiful

Today was a beautiful day; it was dark and raining. Tomorrow will be a better day than today even if it is windy or stormy and the next day could be stunning warm sunshine. You choose to see the beauty in everything, the miracle in nature and the wonder of spirit around - no matter how your perception sees it. Look with the eyes of spirit - make the choice, its simple.

Be A Mindful Person
Be More Mindful

In this life we cause much of our own suffering, through ignorance, lack of compassion, understanding and being mindful of ourselves, mind and our environment. If only one spark of mindfulness sparks a greater wave of awareness that comforts, soothes and helps us to grow closer to divine being, why Would you not try to be mindful. It's not easy but is part of our journey, but one action can cause a massive spiritual reaction. Try to be mindful, even though it is not easy, it does get easier and life becomes a blessing.

Your Life Is Short

Life is short, like the blinking of an eye. Will you look back and only see the hurt you have caused through words with no love and ignorance without compassion, or will you look back and see lives touched with smiles, words of love, compassion and understanding of all of life. The choice is yours to make in the present in order to smile back at the past.

Life Continues

We are so blessed to know that life continues. Recognizing the signs of spirit around us often calms the tears of the grieving, turns sadness to
Joy and despair to hope. Awaken to the signs of spirit.

Your Ten Year Walk
Walking Path

It can take a man 10 years to walk his path and another can take only one. It is not how fast your finish the journey but how many hearts and souls you touch along the way.

In Service Of God
In Service To God

It does not matter what others think of you or how you are perceived. What matters is that you do the work that God has set for you and you do it in service. The only one you have to care about is you and your relationship with the Divine. Everything else falls into place, be of service, live service and bless others with your service.

Grief Thoughts
Think On Grief

Sometimes the hurt and anguish we experience through loss, clouds our eyes, but we are spirits and so we can see with our spiritual eyes. Capture the image of your loves ones in your minds eye. They are real and they are very much alive in the spirit.

Count Your Blessings

Count your blessings daily and write them down. You will soon see you have more to be thankful for than not.

Thoughts On Communication
Spirit Communication

Communicating with spirit happens on so many levels daily. It's not just about the messages, but the beauty spirit lays in front of you and the opportunities you are given to grow. In order to become stronger in communication with spirit we first must recognize who we are and the power we have within our own soul. Open your eyes and heart to spirit that you might see and hear with your soul.

Worries Are Futile
Think On Your Worries

What does it take for you to realize that all the stress and worry is futile when life is so fragile. You are spirit not human, live like spirit, not human.

A Day Of Awakening
Your Awakening

Today was a day of awakening, life indeed is short and as a candle can be blown out easy with your breath so too can your life. Live like its a miracle every day, be thankful and know you are in spirits hands. Fear nothing, fear no one and strive to be as spirit intended - great in mind body and soul. You are divine love and divine love surrounds you.

Time's Perception

time does not exist within it is merely a perception of external reality therefore as I am a part of all that is, I find time to be no hurdle and therefore I have no need to find time as the right time finds me when I am ready.

Your Journey and Rewards
Awards In The Journey

The reward is in the journey, it matters not how long it takes, just as long as you enjoy the steps.

The Martial Way
Martial Way

The true mark of a spiritual warrior is one who knows the technique of the martial way leads to enlightenment. The journey from the heart back to the heart is the epitome of true living.

Spend Time With Friends Energy

Sometimes spending the time in the energy of friends in your own vibration is enough to make your heart soar and your vibes resonate in beautiful tones. Be thankful for your spiritual friends.

A Simple Lesson

Even though you may not see the way forward, spirit knows and sometimes we need a lesson In faith. Trust in spirit.

When Life Throws You A Curve Ball
Curve Balls

Sometimes life throws you a curve ball and you often can't think beyond what has happened. To recognize that you hold the inner power is often difficult, yet even one acknowledgement is all it needs to work in your life.

Days Can Be Hard
Some days are harder.

Some days can be harder than others but when you see how others suffer and you know the power of your soul. Awakening becomes reality.

Sadness Thoughts

When you feel sad and you think the world is against you. Look into the day, the sun or a child's eyes and know you have nothing to be sad about for the real miracle of life is in front of you every moment. Open your eyes and see the reality of spirit animated all around.

The Greatest Meditation

the greatest meditation is the mindfulness you spend in another like minded souls company.

Connection to Spirit
Connections To Spirit Through The Breath

When you close your eyes and take one deep breath. In the silence between the in breath and the out breath is the connection to spirit and there you can feel your loved ones draw near. Even in your grief they can touch the breath of life. Breathe in the space of spirit and live with love.

Thoughts On Prayer
How To Pray

Do you know how to pray? It's notwithstanding the words from your mouth but the song in your mind,body and soul

Blessings of Spirit
On Blessings

The blessings of spirit are around you every day. Don't take things for granted take things with gratitude and love.

Seven Tips For Living
Tips For Living Spiritually

Live your life as miracle every day
Love everyone as they are your brothers and sisters no matter what they do.
Do three good things in service of others to represent the mind. Body and soul.
Give gratitude for what you have.
Be present and show compassion and forgiveness.
Keep control of your thoughts.
Love like there is no tomorrow.

Intuition In Life

Your intuition is your inner guidance that can steer you through the dark waters of life. Listen to your spirit.

Spiritual Lessons
Still Learning

No matter what our challenges are in life and no matter how we perceive them, there is a blessing in everything. Sometimes we can't see because we have not yet learned. Ask spirit to open our eyes that we may see truth in all.

Love The Ego
Love Your Ego

When you are given a gift that is the epitome of love, it is important that you treat it as love and share with others in love. Ego is not love, but you must love the Ego with love for you will only control it with love.

Thoughts on Waking In The Morning
On Waking In The Morning

When you wake in the morning be mindful of your first thought, very often this is the thought of the spirit.

Greatness Is You

Greatness is not something you attain or inspire to be, greatness is you, it is the truth of the light inside of all of us and we all have an ability to allow our greatness to shine through. Walk in the light of spirit and know the Greatest is You.

Thoughts On Doing Your Best
Doing Your Best

Your best is what you do at that given moment, if it is all you can muster at the time, then it is your best and the essence of the best is being of service. As long as you give service from your heart no matter how little or how vast, then it is always your best.

Happiness is
Be busy with Being Happy

Your day is what you make it. Why feel dissatisfied when you have the choice to be busy with happiness.

Act and Change

Change is the only constant in life, so many people desire change but only think. Act and change will come.

Is A Miracle Paranormal or Normal
Paranormal Miracle's
Miracle's are normal

A miracle is perceived as paranormal yet the miracle is spiritual law in operation which is normal. What others see as paranormal is really normal, therefore miracles are alive in the present moment animated by spirit and spiritual law in perfect harmony.

Be Mindful Of Thoughts

Today is a day for being mindful of your thoughts, become aware of how you are thinking and what energy lays beyond your thought. Fill the world with positivity and send love and light to those who need it more. Remember anger is an energy that cuts like a blade but loving thoughts soothe and comfort a savage beast. Be mindful of your thoughts today and share your positive energy.

Planting Seeds
Planting Positive Seeds

When you plant a seed, it is no longer the seed and the reason is becuase the growth has begun, the seed is always there its just the growth that is the reality. the seed is temporary, yet it remains as part of you, the only way is to grow.

Life Neverending
Life is Eternal

Life is eternal, we never die, our problems in this world are merely temporary and our loved ones have gone on to live a wonderful blessed life in spirit. Did you know they visit us, they talk to us and they are still very much a part of our lives. Speak to them before you sleep and they will speak to you in their sleep.

A Thoughtful Prayer
Think and Pray

Divine spirit, silence my voice in anger, allow me to only speak love, silence my mind from negativity and allow me only to think pure - learn forgiveness and compassion and allow me to join both in action to serve mankind.

Pray for Wisdom
A prayer for wisdom

Divine Spirit, grant us serenity in our hearts, Wisdom to know when something is right for our souls growth. Knowledge to open our spiritual eyes, understanding to awaken to the truth and compassion and forgiveness in our hearts, mind and soul.

God Speaks

Talk to me I asked God, and he spoke."I am here, can't you hear me, I am in the trees that you hear blowing in the breeze, I am the whistle in the wind. I am within the water that you sit by, the crying of a child, the voice of your friend, the whisp of the butterflies, the sight of the rainbow. Open your eyes that you may see, your ears that you may hear and your heart that you may know. I am here!

Thought on Emotions
On Emotions

We ride by the seat of the emotions and often base our decisions on how we feel. Often your intuition will guide you better than your emotions. Try and take a minute or so to go wihin and in the sillence of your inner self is the seat of your intuition and the answers you seek.

Spirits Toolbox

we need to get back to the realization, that we are tools in the set of spirits tool shed.



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