Jock, is truly amazing. He provided names of my family members and a very dear friend who passed away several years ago. Not only that, he provided verification so that I would know it was my Dad and others speaking to me. His messages were right on the button. He is genuine, funny and compassionate. You will love him to bits - so don't hesitate to make an appointment. He is very gifted.

Dimitrina Petrova
Loved ones from Bulgaria

I think Jock is an excellent medium. He spent many hours, warmly and friendly talking to me and was spot on. He said so many names of my relatives , details, also name of places and streets in my foreign language. The reading gave me comfort and reassured me that I can connect and stay in touch with my deceased relatives.
I would defenetly see him again.
Thank you, Jock!


Jock is amazing words can not really explain it he can tell you things no one in the world can know other then yourself he is the real deal i was happy with my reading all i can say is trust me if you have any thought of is this real is and worth it when you do a reading with him you will be blown away as i was

Sarah’s Husband Return’s

At the end of the day, it wasn't a coincidence that I found Jock. Nor is it a coincidence that you are here reading this testimonial. There is a reason for everything, and my heart feels life again. I couldn't be more thankful for Jock giving me this gift. He is a true blessing, and an inspiration that many should follow. His compassion, his heart...I know Angels walk among us disguised... And I believe Jock is one of them. When I lost my husband, my best friend Daniel... I prayed for an answer. I felt lost yes.. Nervous, check... But a leap of faith is what I took and I was Speechless... When I first said hello, Jock told me, “My Danny” woke him up that morning, He came for me, from there the details, nobody could have known. It is hard to trust these days with something so personal and dear to the heart... But Jock made me a believer. One thing I prayed, that if it was truly Daniel, Bring through the necklace he gave me for our wedding. It was special, sentimental, he would always touch it around my neck. Jock said, "What's with this necklace he gave you, he wants you to know that." " A heart, It's important to you both." Tears started to flow, yes Danny, It's you! The details didn't stop, they continued to get more unique, unique to OUR story. To the shoes I changed before the funeral...To singing in the car..(our songs)..To his cologne I wear.. He said" The piano bar", I smiled, the place we last went before he passed. I was amazed. The guitar Daniel loved to play. And when you said, " Don't take the pills to be with me, I'm already here." How did you know that, I froze. You said, Daniel told me. You see, Daniels with me more than I know, he watches me. "LOVE NEVER DIES". Jock saw us dancing, We loved to dance, An Oklahoma/ Texas romance... My best friend... And to the miscarriage We suffered. Nobody knew. I'm blessed to know Danny showed Jock my boys together, In heaven, waiting. I couldn't be more happy. Heart overjoyed. And it's Jock who gave me this gift. Jock set the bar high...out of the devastation, the pain, feeling lost, I now have hope again. I look to the skies knowing my boys are safe and happy, and I cannot wait to be joined with them one day when my time on earth
is done.. Until then, I am going to take this sitting with Jock, And move forward with my life.. Knowing my loved ones are always near... I could write a novel of details...but I will let you have that experience for yourselves!!!
Many blessings and forever grateful Sarah Shoemaker


I grew up in the Christian church and have been spiritual for as long as I can remember. However, as I grew older and became an adult I had trouble balancing my beliefs with my intellectual knowledge about the world. Mediumship was not something that I embraced and yet the death of my grandmother affected me deeply. I finally decided to have a professional sitting with Jock and the information that was relayed from my grandparents on both sides was remarkable, and what would seem insignificant to some, was some of the best validating evidence of the afterlife. Incidents, names, dates and evidence of my loved ones around me in my daily life has been enough for me to accept the afterlife is real. I would recommend anyone who is suffering from grief to come and have a professional sitting with Jock Brocas.