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Sergeant Scottish Regiment

Before going to Jock Brocas I was a complete sceptic and thought psychics and mediums were frauds, I’m an ex soldier and we just ‘don’t do that kind of thing’. I was blown away by his accuracy and his mediumship skills when he passed on much needed words of comfort and advice from my loved ones who had past over. Jock was able to recount things from my past and present that only I could’ve known. Jock Brocas is the real deal and highly accurate.

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Firstly, it was so weird how I heard about him – a colleague of mine was having a reading when, hey presto, out of the blue, my Mum barged through with a message for me! WOW. I managed to get an appointment with Jock Brocas (a rare opportunity for anyone – so I grabbed it immediately!) I was gobsmacked! The information which Jock gave me was truly accurate and breathtaking and I was totally amazed and intrigued by the depth of the information he passed through from “the other side”.

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I really didn’t know what to expect from my first reading and have always been very skeptical but our Skype chat has changed my mind. He was very accurate naming people and places which really blew my mind. I was after some guidance to gain some direction in my life and I am very grateful for everything that he said to me. I would recommend Jock to anybody and I’m looking forward to chatting to him again soon