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Phone readings are more scientific

It seems incredible to me that many individuals prefer to have psychic readings done in person. This stems from a belief they are getting something for their money and time but;

Its more scientific to have a phone reading


The truth is very different in actual fact. You have to consider that having a psychic reading over the telephone is more scientific and negates that issue of skeptics claiming cold reading from body language. There is another consideration and that is the fact that when a client comes to see the chosen psychic medium, there is an air of uncertainty and nervousness that exudes from the client. This itself can be the nemesis of the right conditions necessary for successful spirit contact to take place. In contrast, if you are in your own familiar surroundings, you will be far more at ease than you would be when you are in unfamiliar surroundings. Secondly, the psychic medium will not make conscious judgments based on your appearance and the way you hold yourself. This is of course a method that fraudulent psychics and mediums will work. They could look at your jewelry or what you wear. When you are on the other side of the phone, you can’t be seen and therefore none of these tricks can be used. The messages therefore have to be real and validated which should give the client a real feeling of contact from their loved ones.
I once gave a psychic reading to a woman in Germany and her loved ones in the spirit world began to give evidence of her surroundings and a certain object she had in front of her now. This is the type of validation that is necessary. Too many psychic mediums are untrained and offer evidence that is far too general. The psychic medium when on the phone has to work extra hard to ensure that the information they are receiving is indeed from spirit. It is therefore easier to discern this when the physical senses are removed.

The client will get more out of a phone appointment than a face to face appointment. As I had mentioned previously, the individual will of course be more comfortable. The information they receive from the medium will hit harder than it would if he or she was sitting in front of the medium. It’s a kind of “I don’t believe he knew that” sort of thing. More importantly, the message will hit home harder as you are able to allow you emotions to be freed. Many people find it difficult to show emotion and will therefore hold themselves back which puts up an emotional barrier, however in the comfort of their own home – freedom of expression is easier. The reading of choice should always be a blind or double-blind psychic reading.


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