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Daily Wisdom To Enlighten and to Inspire

I have decided that even though I have a blog on my site, there are still many people, who may not be looking for Mediumship sittings but looking for counseling or spiritual wisdom to deal with the day to day issues of living life. I therefore have decided that I will write small snippets of spiritual wisdom that comes from experience and also the realm of spirit to enlighten and lift all those who read. This daily wisdom will not be long drawn out articles that you may have no interest in sitting down and reading, but will be short uplifting words of wisdom to inspire and help.

These will be featured on the main page so that you can get your message right when you need it and as we build up those little messages that come from the world of spirit, you will also be able to go and read them in the archive that will be available for you. My hope is that you will find something there that will uplift you when you feel that you need some up-liftment in a time of need or even if you are feeling emotional or down.

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